T-shirt Tuesday

I have to say I am getting pretty fond of this little tradition of mine. I love t-shirts, Tuesdays aren't so bad, and I love linking up to awesome T-Shirt artists.

So without further adieu here are the latest people to rock out some crafty T-Shirts on a Tuesday:

Over at my new fave blog PIECES we have thes wonderful t-shirt skirts. I love them, want one, and can't wait to try to whip one up. chances are I will just hop on over to her etsy site and buy one. Check it out:


Then there is this amazing Tunic T-Shirt refashion. So it was a t-dress to a t-tunic, but I think it counts as a T-shirt refashion, and it is my blog so I win: Check this one out from I am Momma Hear Me Roar (Great name, right!):


Well that is a wrap for this T-Shirt Tuesday. As always feel free to email me at thetshirtdiaries@yahoo.com with any submissions to T-shirt Tuesday you may have.

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