T-Shirt Tuesdays (on a Thursday)

I spend way to much time on craft blogs these days. It is a total addiction.

Recently I have come across some amazing bloggers who have done incredible things with T-shirts. If you can't already tell from the name of the blog I love t-shirts. They are so much fun to work with and upcycle. I love the wacky sayings, the retro designs, the strength of a t-shirt and the softness.

I have officially changed the Tuesday to T-Shirt Tuesday. Will it catch on in the regular world? Probably not. In my world it is the best darn day of the week. Here are a few fabulous T-shirt upcycles that I had to share with you (yes, I know it is Thursday but I just couldn't wait!)

I was checking out a website called:

Keeping It Simple

and found this fabulous refashion using a shirt she already had and an old pair of her sons pants. I love the red stripes!

Another wonderful blogger with some killer Rebel Tees for boys is:


I haven't ventured into the world of freezer paper stenciling, but as soon as I get brave enough I am all over this tutorial. I mean I love how it is punk rock and cute at the same time. I coulnd't ask for anything more adorable.

And finally this amazing tutorial over at The Mother Huddle (don't you love the name). If you haven't checked this blog out please do now. This is an adorable and so easy to make.

I hope that you enjoyed the first ever T-shirt Tuesday. I enjoyed writing it and checking out what is going on in the world of T-shirts. If you have any tutorials you would like me to feature on T-shirt Tuesday write me and let me know.

Love and Rockets,

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