Why Upcycled and Not Recycled

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The vast majority of the materials I used are previously loved. I like the term upcycled. To me it means you are taking something used and once loved, and giving it a new and better life.

I guess I am recycling something, but I don't like to lump making things out of T-shirts in the same category aluminum cans or plastic bottles that are recycled.

I recycle more then I throw out. I compost (and vermicompost) and have separate recycle bins for plastic, paper, and cardboard. I love recycling. I just feel that the term lends itself more to the process of making something completely different out of an item as opposed to taking something, leaving it partially in it's original intact form, and making it better then it was before.

So what do you think? Do you like the term Upcycled, or should I just stick to the term recycled and get over my quirkiness?

It's your call...

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