Black Friday and Tshirt Diaries

Don't forget to sign up for the Holiday Craft swap Here I can't believe only six of you want to swap some holiday goodness:(

It has been a crazy busy week. Last year I got up at 3am to shop those Black Friday deals. This year I have completely ignored them. It has not been easy. I mean I LOVE a good bargain. I love getting Thomas the Train Engine for 50% off!

So why am I ignoring. I am trying to buy only locally made Christmas presents for my kids and I am also trying to teach my kids that they do not "need" every toy that they see on television. I am also making a large portion of their Christmas presents.  I love my children very much and I know a day will come when I absolutely will not be able to do a handmade holiday for them because they will need to have a Wii. Heck I wouldn't mind getting one myself.

While they are young and can truly appreciate handmade I am going to encourage and support it. I am going to encourage making things because as a great women named Little Tiger once said HERE "Buying is boring."  (Seriously check out the blog Little Tiger and the Milk Belly Princess!)

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