Pillow Makeover with Scrap Fabric Tutorial

Over the summer I came upon a ton of scrap fabric such as these scraps of upholstery samples.

I also had two horribly ugly pillows from our downstairs couch like this (and don't say I didn't warn you):

So I measured the pillow (18" x 18")

I  broke out my very important crafting supplies

I measured the first square for the pillow case cover adding one inch to allow for the stuffing and the seams (19"x19")  Sidenote: I probably should have added a little more than an inch but hey it's a learning process right?

I measured out two flaps for the other side. The samples were not big enough to do two squares, but hey this way I got to make a removable slipcover!

I turned all of the material over and pinned it together. I broke out my trusty serger and went to work.

Put the cover on the pillow and yeah new lovely slip-covered pillows from old worn dog eared pillows.

It was an easy and well free upcycle! Love it.

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