One Week To Etsy: Write Your Product Description Day Four

I am in no way an ETSY expert. In fact I just opened my shop as part of my One Week To ETSY posts.

Nothing draws you in more than a solid description. Why did I not say a good description because good will not cut it.

So what is a solid description? It is one that will answer pretty much any question that the buyer might have such as the measurements. I can not tell you how many shops I have seen that don't tell you the items measurements.

Here is the latest description of the whopping second item I put on my ETSY site:

Who says that kids should have all the fun. Adults can rock the Tutu too. The adult tutu is slightly sheer (scandalous, I know) and looks great over leggings or a funky pair of tights. Heck wear the tutu over jeans when cooking in the kitchen and make everyday fun!

This Stylish number is:

Made of hand-cut sparkling black tulle. Formed by knotting a ridiculous number of strips on one inch elastic and wrapped with one inch thick black grosgrain ribbon.

Fits Waist - 31"-45" (can easily be made smaller just request when purchasing)

Length - 24" but varies slightly for a punky flowy look.

Any questions please feel free to convo me :)

As a beginner I don't know if it has everything but it tells what the item is, has a little fun, and has the measurements. To me that is solid.

So get to work and write your next ETSY description to go along with the amazing pictures you just took.

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