T-Shirt Tuesday?

A while back (oh say three months ago) I was doing a regular post called T-Shirt Tuesday where I would feature a few rocking upcycled projects.

While I can not guarantee that it will be a regular feature once again I would like to highlight a few fabulous upcycled projects from last weeks Link Party.

Hey before you check out the three crafts that are now on my to-do list don't forget to sign-up for my Holiday Craft Swap HERE.

The first is from OrloSubito. She always has wonderful upcycles, although not in English google translate will still let you read her blog. She took some fabulous T-Shirt yarn and turned it into a braided belt. Simple, yet adorbs (making up my own words again).

T-Shirt Belt

As I love all things upcycled I was pretty excited to see an upcycled sweater hat with instructions so simple even my husband could make one. Check this beautiful sweater hat out from Nancy's Couture:

Upcycled Sweater Hat

And Kristy from Textiles4you is making the craft projects I always say I am going to do but never get around to working on. The upcycled juice box totes. Love these bad boys:

Upcycled Juice Box Tote
Well that is it for T-Shirt Tuesday. thanks for all the awesome crafting goodness you linked up at Upcycled Awesome and I can not wait to see what you do tomorrow!

Don't forget we are having a crafty swap for the holidays and you can sign up HERE.

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