Cupcake Topper Tutorial

I recently took a cake decorating class. I loved it!

One of my favorite things has always been making cupcakes but I needed to make something for my Cat in the Hat party and with a $20 budget buying cupcake toppers was out of the question.

I started by creating several different designed disks.

I used picnik and made 1 1/14 inch circles. I used this EXCELLENT tutorial from Homemade by Jill. (Thank you so much to felicitouschick for helping me find the tutorial!)

I then used my scallop punch and three different colors of card stock to cut out the scalloped circles.

I put them together.

I glued the pictures onto the scalloped edges and placed a toothpick in between. (with a ton of glue).

I clipped them together, let them dry over-night like this.

And I had my cupcake toppers!

I used a lovely cupcake stand to display these beauties

I love how C1 is fascinated by the smoke from blowing out her candle.

Yummy! Everyone loved them.
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