Cleveland Does Rock, and Yes I Said Cleveland

I would like to take a moment from my regularly scheduled Spring Sashbusting post to talk about something near and dear to my heart.

We get a bad wrap. A very bad wrap, I mean LeBron doesn't even like us.

So since I truly do believe Cleveland is great I wanted to focus on some fabulous Cleveland Bloggers.  Oh yeah we rule the Blogging world one fantastic Mommy Blog at a time.

My first shout out to Cleveland Blogging Love is

So I like to think that I am funny, but really the only other people who agree with me are my kids, and on occasion my husband.  Chrissy is a sharp blogger with a passion for her family and an amazing series that will make you die laughing called the Sunday Skit. Seriously check this one out where the part of Chrissy is played by Glee's Chris Colfer: Skit: How Mommy Turns Into A Lunatic.

Next is Green Dog Wine. She lost fifty pounds, got healthy, and has a ton of beautiful pictures of food on her blog. I love the fact that she has fabulous recipes on her blog including this one I am making tonight for Vegan Pad Thai:

Then we have my blogging friend who I just happened to have gone to grade school with, Mary over at iNeed a Paydate. You know every momma needs a playdate, right.

What I love about her blog is her hardcore honesty. I am honest, but come on bloggy readers how much do you really know about me? Mary, well she lets it all hang out, in a good way of course. I LOVE this post she did: Self-Esteem Issues? Who Me? Read it and let me know what you think.

So in the end I am proud to be a Cleveland Mommy Blogger, if that is what you want to call me. I am proud to be from Cleveland and share the internet with these other fabulous women!