Reward Bracelets with Polly from Helping Little Hands

I recently participated in the March Read-Along over at Helping Little Hands.

I am happy to announce our dear friend Polly has  fabulous tutorial that not only incorporates Spring Stashbusting, but also a brilliant rewards system for her husbands students (more on that later.)

Allow me to introduce you to Polly:

From the blog:

So why the Stashbust? I signed up because I have way too many craft supplies...and I live about 45 minutes from the closest craft store...and even farther from a large craft store, so I have to use what I've got between trips. Also...I've been following your blog forever...and I thought I'd return the favor to an old bloggy friend. And it helped I already have the project done. :)

What are your Favorite Projects? My favorite projects include (although, I have a feeling I may be forgetting the best one...):

DIY Learning Games in Less Than 10
25 Minute Leggings and Pants
Driving Dresser From Changing Table
Car Color Matching Parking Lot
Easy T-Shirt Dress with Free Pattern

Or there is an almost complete list of my Hand-Me-Down Rehab stuff that is pretty much all some form of upcycling at Hand Me Down Rehab

Why Blog? I blog because it motivates me to actually DO the crafts that I have planned, and making beautiful and fun things for my family makes me happy.

What is your inspiration? My main inspirations are my kids and hubby since I make most of my things for them. Some of my favorite inspiration blogs are on my sidebar.

Anything else? the time this posts, I will have just finished the Read-Along so stop by the archives at Children's Books

And now onto Polly's tutorial on reward bracelets. 

So simple, so brilliant, a must do not just if you are a teacher, but for any potty training parent or frustrated momma who needs to think of something to get her daughter to clean her room: