Spring Stashbust Update. How You Doing?

How is the Spring Stashbust going for you?

Be honest is it easier or harder than the stashbust we did in September?

I am loving it but I feel like I have such a large stash I could extend this party for months and still be fine (maybe I will).

I have not stepped into the almost closed JoAnne Fabric's in Lakewood which is a good thing because if I don't go in I can't get tempted by the huge store closing sale. I heard they have just about nothing left and I am just going to pretend that they are already closed.

So what else. I have really been rocking through my stash of T-shirts working with some I have not touched since I bought them possibly a year ago. I have been making a ton of T-skirts. It's a T-shirt skirt that looks adorable on and uses pre-loved t-shirts.

I made eight for Crafty Goodness in Lakewood. Heck I even have one in the front window.

So things are going good with the stashbusting.

On the not so good side is my poor camera. My lens got scratched by my daughter and it is off to the fuji factory or wherever they fix those bad boys. It is really frustrating because I have tried to take a few picks from my old sony camera but I realize now more than ever why I got rid of it in the first place.

So that is how the spring stashbust is going for me, how is it going for you. I want to hear your comments! Talk to me friends.