Old Shirt = New Bib

My kids are growing up sooo fast.. and of course outgrowing their clothes even faster!  Usually I find places to donate my kids clothes to.. but my neighbor has an adorable little guy who is still only a toddler so sometimes I save the cutest things for him!
This morning while looking at my littlest guys Oscar
t-shirt (sniff.. sniff)..

 I got to thinking that it would be an adorable bib for Liam (the neighbor).
So I got out my trusty scissors and got to work!
First I cut off the bottom of the shirt in a rounded manner so it had the shape of a bib.

Next I turned the shirt inside out and cut around the seams of the sleeves and cut the sides open.

Then I cut the back so that it was bit shorter than the front and straight across.

Last I pinned the edge of the back and sewed a straight seam so that it would not have a ragged edge.

And viola!  A cute bib for my cute neighbor lovey who said MY name for the first time yesterday!

But of course this is my littest guy being the most adorable model for you!

Have fun upcycling your old clothes!