Super Hero Rescue!

Sometimes in life I need a change..
and I Love, LOve, LOVE chidren's decor.   So for a summer project I am redoing my boys bedroom from Pirate to Super Hero! 
So the first item up for rescue is our old bucket organizer from Ikea that we bought ten years ago!
Then I revamped it into this!

Want to try this daring feat?  Have no fear for I the Pink Bat Girl am here to show you how!
Start with your surface of choice.  Then grab some newspaper, glue (I used Elmer's.. sorry Mod Podge fans but my Elmers worked just as well!), scissors and a sponge brush.

Did you notice my Captain America glue cup?
I cut and glued the newspaper to surface of the organizer which seemed fitting since Superman and Spiderman (not to mention the hubby) all worked for a newspaper.  This took hours and hours!

Once this part was complete it was time to add some ACTION words.  First I painted my word bubble.  Then I added the word with a stencil I made from my Cricut.

Once the paint dried then I used a black marker to outline the words and bubble.

It gave it a some real "POW"
Next I worked down the side of the organizer.

And now I have a cool organizer for my Super Hero bedroom.. stay tuned for much more Super Hero Decor!