Momma's Shirt to Daughters Dress

The Summer is so busy! Races, vacations, reunions, it never seems to end.

On top of all of that a girl needs to try and get her craft on, right? Where is the time.

I was so excited to find out that my friend wanted a dress made for her daughters birthday! I mean really any excuse to get some crafting done, right.

Here is momma and the shirt:

Momma and her girl volunteer for a place called the Second Hand Mutts whose motto is:
Respect the Dog.  They do this by:

We respect the dog by providing shelter.
We respect the dog by stopping the over population of dogs.
We respect the dog by providing necessary veterinary care and treatment.
We respect the dog by placing them in forever homes.
We are Secondhand Mutts and we respect the dog

 The only problem that momma is running into is that she is the proud parent of a dress girl so wearing a volunteer shirt is not her thing. So for her birthday I took mommas shirt and turned it into this dress:

C1 is modeling it and it is a size bigger than she is (her friend is going into kindergarten and C1 is so jealous!)

Such a fun little project and I can not wait to see it on the birthday girl.