Cleveland Heroes Run

This weekend my family participated in the Cleveland Heroes Run.

 There is no greater price one can pay than to give one’s life in the line of duty. Often, little can be done to lessen the pain and fill the tremendous loss to the families and to the community.

The race supports a scholarship fund for the fallen officers of the Cleveland Police Officers and Firefighters of the West Park area.

The entryway was lined with pictures of lost firefighters and police officers
Th guys checking out the course
It was another amazing race for another amazing cause. Prior to the race there was a beautiful ceremony where names were read.

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Very moving. 

Officers were saluted and of course tears were shed. Why do I always run races where I cry? I guess I am just a sucker for a good cause.

We were given carnations to leave at the West Park Cleveland Police and Fire Fighters Memorial Walkway was built to honor these brave officers. 

The kids were ready to run (actually I pushed them through a two mile course.)

Well C1 was not feeling that great. She actually went to urgent care later on that day and we found out she had an upper respiratory infection (she is fine now).

But we got ready to run. Hubsters did the 5 mile through the Valley.

He is the guy in the red shirt.

Hubsters crossed the finish line in 40 minutes and 54 seconds coming in 8th in his age category.

I had to sneak in the picture of the "firefighter" because c2 would never forgive me if I didn't.

It was a fabulous race for a great cause and we plan to do it again next year.