Genius Bar to the RescueI

I don't know what it is but the Apple Store scares me. Maybe it is that I think they are way to cool for me or that they are just intellectually superior.

Whatever it is I was forced to face my coolness fears and go to the Apple Genius Bar.

See I managed to delete all my pictures out of iphoto. Like everything.

I tried for hours to find them and no luck, but I knew they were there. I have 70,000 pictures and movies on my MacBook so if they were gone can you imagine how much space I would have. Yeah it is sad.

I sucked it up and went in, I walked with my little backpack all the way to the back of the store and to my genius. To my horror some pretty "deer in the headlights" looking pictures of me came up on the screen when he was trying to find my photos.

I guess they are not that bad but I hate looking at pictures of myself.

The genius located my pictures and aside from letting me know it would take six hours (at least) to get them back into iphoto he fixed my problem with my magic mouse (I had one that just didn't work who knows what I did and he just replaced it for free) and told me about a program called duplicate annilator that I had to buy to get rid of my mass quanitees of duplicate pictures.

I left feeling happy, and amazed at how nice the people at Apple were. I love the Genius Bar and love that they didn't make me feel like I was a crazy picture deleting fool. Love them.

It is so great to have a positive customer service experience, isn't it.