Thrift Store T-Shirts To Fireman Hoodie

It has been a good run over at So You Think Your Crafty. Now it is time to say a sweet and loving good-bye.

It is kind of bittersweet for me because I did think I would get farther in the contest and I thought this shirt I made for C2 was awesome,  but at the same time I might not be a crafty contest girl?

I don't mean that completely, I am up for a good craft challenge, but entering my first crafting contest and having it run during Stashbusting September kid of killed me. I had a hard time because while I knew what projects were coming up during the month I didn't want to stock up on supplies the day before Stashbusting September came. It felt kind of like cheating or something (although I did get my dollar store supplies at the end of August, because honestly I never shop at dollar stores)

I might have sounded snobby saying that I don't shop at Dollar stores, like I am above them or something, but the fact of the matter is I prefer to get things from Goodwill or a garage sale whenever possible.  There is something so romantic to me about things that have already been used and loved. They have a history.

So while I didn't make it to the next round I did want to share the project that I was sent home for.

I started out with a pile of T-shirts I bought on dollar day at Goodwill.

My little guy was in desperate need of a few new shirts for fall so I decided to cut these shirts up to make something that would fit him.

So I laid out one of his favorite old hoodies, cut up four different shirts, and started sewing.

Here he is "not" modeling his new shirt.

It has a pocket in front to hide treasures, a hood to keep him war, and apparently it is perfect for a day on the town eating frozen yogurt.

Please continue to pop on over to see what these contestants continue to make.  It is sure to be a good season and there are some really talented ladies out there.