Easy DIY Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

What is better then a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal for a Christmas present?

Something that remade, upcycled, repurposed, reused, etc. Take something old and make it new again. Be Eco-Friendly this holiday season.

So I present to you some Eco-Friendly tutorials for your Holiday Crafting and creating pleasure:

1. Upcycled Crayons. Good for all the kids on your list. Grab a cool mold, make a crayon car or crayon Lego, and watch your little friends smile.


2. The T-Shirt Scarf. Good for Teachers (grab a bunch of their schools T-shirts from the thrift store), grandparents (their grandchildrens clothes can be incorporated), or kids (use a bunch of their favorite characters).
The T-Shirt Scarf

3. The T-Shirt Bag (three versions!): Good as a way to wrap other presents, for friends, for everyone.
The T-Shirt Bag (three options)
4. Upcycled Play Kitchen: Good for kids!

Upcycled Play Kitchen
5. Upcycled Vintage Button to Hair Clip: Good for teachers, friends, fellow mommas, those people you just know will love it.


Enjoy upcyling this Holiday season!