Lego Kidsfest Comes To Cleveland

As my son stated on the way there..."It's a building full of Lego's"

That pretty much sums up the awesomeness of Lego Kidsfest in Cleveland this weekend.

Holden is Two...the hubster is 39 and I am really not sure which one of them had more fun. I mean Holden and the hubsters went from :30 - 1pm and they continued to break out some 30 year old Lego's from the hubsters secret stash and play until seven o'clock at night (we will just ignore Phoebe's 5th birthday party was the next day and all sorts of massive prep needed to be done.).

The coolest part had to be the HUGE Lego dinosaurs. Holden is a huge dinosaur guy so the fact that he was able to stand near a dinosaur and touch it, awesome.

The Star Wars characters were also a hit. Sadly we didn't get any pictures with Lightening McQueen, but rumoredly they didn't see him. I guess when you have an entire building full of Legos you can't get to anything.

Oh and did I mention Lego Kidsfest has a Lego city that all the participants help to build? They got an 8X8 inch Lego board to build their city on. They made a barn. The coolest thing is all the little pieces are put together on a map of the untied states. Little guy loved it.

I am so excited they got a chance to go to Lego Kidsfest, and I really hope it comes back to Cleveland again at some point (although I think that they will likely end up driving to just about anywhere to experience it again next year).

I hop you guys all got a chance to go. Lego's Rock!