Is Santa Real?

It is the moment every mom dreads, no mom is truly prepared for, and most moms would have an easier time explaining sex.

Is Santa Real?

Your child asks you if Santa is real.

On Thursday afternoon my daughter was quite despondent. She seemed not herself when I picked her up from school and the teacher mentioned she thought she might be sick.

The real reason for her pouty face and not so cheery mood, a child in her class told her Santa is not real.

She is only in preschool, I naively thought I had a little more time here.

The conversation went like this:

“Mom, is Santa real?”

Shocked mommy because her child JUST turned five. “Of course he is why would you ask?”

“Because some kids say that he isn’t.”

Angry mommy (trying to keep it together) at this point, “Who told you that honey?”

The 5 year old is silent.

“Well, honey if Santa isn’t real who brings you all of your presents?”

Like it’s no big deal, “The parents.”

At this point my jaw has firmly planted itself on the floor. I cannot believe that I am having this conversation. I contemplate just coming clean. Telling the truth and letting the cards fall where they may. I mean I always thought I would be the cool mom who is above lying to her children. What is the harm in coming clean?

Thinking on my feet, “Well you have met Santa before? Haven’t you?” Through our Early Childhood PTA Santa makes an annual visit to the children’s houses. Last year she was so excited you would have thought someone gave her a pony.

Smiling now, “Yes. I have!”

“Was he real?”

“He was mommy and I am smart so I know that Santa is real!”

The conversation was over. I survivied.

She went on to ask if babies were stupid? I have no idea where that came from, but whatever. The Santa subject a non-issue I sighed a sweet sigh of relief that baby girl remained a believer.

I know some parents choose not to acknowledge Santa in their homes, and I am fine with that. I just believe that the little bit of magic he brings each year is so amazing, so special, such a great experience, I want it for my kids. I want their belief in Santa to never end.

I wanted to get opinions on the topic. What do other parents say, what do other parents feels, so I took to Facebook. It’s an addiction and one I am not alone in having so I knew I would get a response.

The support was beautiful. There was one comment from a College friend of mine Alice that really stuck in my head and I would like to share it with you because it pretty much sums everything up:

I still like what my grandma told my Mom when she asked in 1950...she said, "Do you think love is real? Because love makes all these things happen" and that's all she said. :) 

So next time my daughter asks if Santa is real (and there will be a next time) I will ask her if she believes love is real? Because love makes all things happen!