Pick Your Plum Giveaway!

I am so excited to be able to host a giveaway for "Pick Your Plum."

If you have never heard of them you absolutely have to go to their website now:

I am a not so secret crafting supply hoarder (ever wonder why I host a bi-annual stashbusting party?). Pick Your Plum offers a daily special of a yummy crafting product for a very limited time. You never know what you might find?

I missed these bad boys this week for $3.95 for 12

So I was honored when Pick Your Plum asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway. My first thought was, heck yeah! Then I realized I couldn't enter, but still some lucky reader will get a chance to win a grab bag of their fabulous products valued at $50.

So what will you get? It's a grab bag so I have no idea but check out some of the fabulous finds they have had in the past few weeks:

Sweet Necklace blanks

I would put vintage pictures and some diamond glaze on these guys.

Sheets of Stick-On-Chalk (I am sure their is a different name,  but my brain is mushy!)

Yeah I amso jealous and totally wish I could win this. Lucky you, now enter (via rafflecopter which I am taking for a test spin) and enjoy!

Enter after the jump...