About Stash-busting September

Ironically since I tend to mostly dabble in upcycled crafts my home is overrun with, well stuff (not the word I should use but it will work).

In comes September, which goes pretty good with the work Stash-busting.

For the month of September I am going to bust through my stash. I will not buy new or used items to add to my ever growing pile of items to be upcycled. I will share my creations with the world and smile at the fact that I didn't spend a penny on any of them (well obviously I did at one point, but let's not get to technical). I am tossing around what you will be allowed to buy? I mean if a girl runs out of thread that doesn't count? Does it?

What is in it for you. Well it's a challenge and who doesn't love a challenge. I am working on some nifty little buttons and if anyone wants to sponsor my little challenge I would love it.

The sign up for the challenge will be next week. There will be a second post that will allow you to link your September Stash-busting awesomeness on this site. Once the contest is complete the judging will begin.

I am still working out who and how everything will be judged, but it will all come together. I have a few awesome bloggers that I would love to see be judges on this one :).

Thank you and I can not wait to get the full details up on this site next week.

You all rock.

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