The Story of JC Chasez's Head

Once upon a time there were two beautiful women, Emily and Robin:

Emily & I Rockin It

Emily decided to give Robin a wonderful present.  This JC Chasez booblehead:

Sadly JC lost his head.  He drank too much and fell off a desk, it happens.

He was lovely as a full on bobble-head, but as just a head, well he became portable.  Throughout the years Emily and Robin began placing JC Chasez's head in various surprise locations in each others homes.

The girls moved apart, one got married and had kids (me?) and the other lived a rocking single life which would make any celebrity jealous (complete with a hottie boyfriend).  JC was forced to split his time between Chicago and Cleveland.  This actually worked quite well for the little head.

One day it dawned on Robin to take pictures of this traveling head partying across the country. 

JC and C2

 JC Chasez's head absolutely loved the paparazzi and could not wait to get photographed with the various Rock Stars of everyday life.  He went where we went and wow did he have a good time.

JC & the Bride
 He even crashed a rehearsal dinner in Columbus (the nerve of him).

JC and the Minister
 Of course he did attend the actual wedding rehearsal so I guess it was cool?

JC wishes he was a bridesmaid

So you never know where Mr. JC will end up next?



Do you have a JC Bobble-head of your own tucked away in a closet that you are going to break out and take pictures of?

Oh JC...what will you get into next, do tell?

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