Flower Girl Headpiece Tutorial

I scoured the online world for an easy headpiece for C1 for my Sister-in-Law JT's wedding with no luck.

There were a ideas, but nothing that made me stop watching Food Network and run out to the craft store to grab supplies.  So I was left with no choice but to make my own tutorial for this little beauty:

For this wonderful little flower girl:

Aren't they all so beautiful. I know I am biased.

So here is how to make it. You will need:
  • Floral wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Flowers
  • Wire cutters
  • Flower Girl (to measure her head)
  • Ribbon
  • Fray check

Grab your favorite flower girl to-be:

Bribe her with some candy to sit still for a minute while you wrap two pieces of floral wire around her head (Yeah C2 snuck in there. gotta love him.):

Let the kids play because you are ready to make that flower girl's headpiece (or crown if that is what you want to call it). Snip off the ends of your floral wire.

Now break out your floral tape. I choose an off white and bought three rolls of it. I only ended up using a quarter of a roll. Oops.


Start wrapping (not rapping, save your best Snoop Dog impression for the wedding). I wrapped the tape so that the floral wire was nice and soft. This is going on the head of a little one and you want them to be very comfortable. 

Like the punk rock fabric I used? Yeah I rock like that.

Now it's time to add your flowers. I bought bouquets from my craft store and popped the heads of the flowers off (kind of like that game we played as kids).  I cut another piece of floral wire and made it into a hook. I poked the wire through the center of the flower to hold it in place and wrapped the wire around the headpiece form.

Once you get going it is fun, and easy. I started with big flowers for the front, then progressed to smaller flowers in the back. I opted to do every other flower a deep maroon.


Once I got the flowers on I wrapped the entire base with an off-white ribbon. I tied the ribbon in a bow on the back, added another ribbon and tied a second bow. I snipped the ends of the ribbons and applied fray check.

Ta-Da! That is it. It took me longer to put this tutorial together than it did to make the headband.  now go enjoy that wedding knowing your flowergirl has a custom made headpiece that will will melt your heart.

Group Shot - Can you guess who daddy is?
Sweet girls
Any questions please ask. I read all comments.

 ~ Robin