What I am Working On

My Sister in Law is getting married this week so I have been knee deep in wedding projects. I will post tutorials soon, but warning these are neither upcycled or re-purposed. I know what am I thinking crafting with new materials? Well it's not my wedding and we can't all be perfect little eco-crafters at all times.

Here is one of the "Martha Poms" as I like to call them. It is twenty inched in diameter and will be hanging from the ceiling. Very cool.

And my little girl's bridesmaid crown or headpiece. I am not quite sure what to call it. I will get a better picture later. She was just checking it out with her brother as they were trying on their outfits for my mom.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend and I will get the tutorials up sometime in the near future.

Oh and I have decided to name September...wait for it, wait for it...Stash-busting September. No buying new supplies in September (not even from thrift stores or garage sales.) Let's reuse and repurpose what ewe already have. More on that to come...
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