Stashbusting September - Meet Kimberly

Allow me to introduce:

From the latest blog I am stalking following:

Stashbusting September is a chance to bust through your stash of crafting goodness while pledging to not (yeah that's right not) buy any new crafting materials. I know it sounds crazy but a bunch of bloggers are jumping on board and I know you want to. Sign up for Stashbusting September. You know you have some stash to bust!

And now...Kimberly....

Do you know how excited I am to participate in Robin’s Stashbusting September extravaganza? So excited I went out and bought a bunch of essentials the day after I heard about it. Hot glue! Thread! Snaps! Velcro! More hot glue (I use a lot of hot glue). And when she asked me to guest judge? Well, I think the official term is “I geeked out.” I told my hubby, my parents, my friends, my two year old... I was geeking all over.

If you’d like to see me geek out more frequently, you can find me on my blog, bugaboo, mini, mr & me, where I go on and on about crafts and sewing, reveal embarrassing quirks, take some pictures and just generally parade the mayhem of my everyday life on a regular basis.

I read on someone’s blog once, that if you want to “get to know” a blogger, you should read their first EVER post. I hate writing about myself, and I don’t really know how to, so please don’t read my first post. If you do (don’t) you won’t find out anything about me or my blog. I’ll save you the trouble of going there just to see if I’m telling the truth (again, don’t do that.) I am, first and foremost, a wife and a mommy to two. I love it. It’s the best job ever. But sometimes, when the terrible two’s are getting to me or the baby is clingy, I need a time out. That’s when I craft. 

Or sew...

or repurpose things...

or cook. 

I’ve always been a creative person, and this blog is just one more way for me to express myself (and use all those writing skills I learned in college - is it wrong that I miss writing 25 page papers for my lit. classes?) 

A few other things you may (or may not) be interested in:
The name of my blog comes from our nicknames. (except for the “me” part. My nickname is NOT “me”. No one would have the nickname “me”. I mean, who does that?)
I love yellow.
I have a cat named Delilah, and he’s a boy. (oops)
I consider my blog a chronicle of mistakes with a few triumphs thrown in. My projects don’t always go perfectly (in fact, they RARELY do. 

Check out this pancake hat:

but it’s the journey that counts! I am in love with the creative process. I think I’m proof positive that you don't have to have the latest and greatest equipment and gadgets to cook, sew and craft - and you don't have to be GREAT to love what you do! 

Thanks for chatting, everyone. Now, go groom your stache! I mean, STASH. You’ll find me in the basement, conquering mine.