Blog Envy

I have it, I will admit it.

There are craft blogs that I check non-stop. They are probably the same ones that you do, but just in case you haven't checked out some of these lovelies take a click and enjoy some of my addictions:


Who isn't obsessed with MADE? I loved her recent tutorial on how to make your own banner and am pretty darn embarrassed I haven't gotten a new banner going on.

Doesn't the name say it all? Lots of great tutorials and stuff for boys. I LOVE it!

Zween is an amazing blog here in Cleveland. She focuses on upcycling which I love and her products are so cute. She makes this fabulous upcycled bag plush owl. So adorable and the fused wallets, I love them. Eco- Friendly in Cleveland it really doesn't get any better!

Other mentionables I can not live without:

The list could go on! Basically I LOVE all blogs!