Upcycled Awesome #58 (and a few other things)

*** Quick Note: Stashbusting September Link is first, then on the bottom of the page is this weeks Upcycled Awesome, which will ask for a thumbnail picture of your awesome project!***

So much to do so little time.


I am in the first round of Auditions over at So You Think You're Crafty. If you're not familiar with the contest, So You Think You're Crafty has a theme every week and each competitor must create something based on that theme and voters (you!) decide who moves on the next week. The competitor with the least votes each week must leave the competition and the competitor with the most votes wins that round. I'd love to at least make the top 10. Go browse and go vote!

Have you signed up for Stashbusting September? It starts in two weeks do so here:

Finally It is Upcycled Awesome #58. Link up your projects below and show the world what an awesome upcycler you are!