So How Do You Win A Prize?

It's Easy just link up your Stashbusting September projects to the "Stash Bust" page (coming on September 1st and the powers that be will narrow everything down to the top ten. Who are the powers that be? We are still waiting on hearing back from some guest judges.

We will put a poll up for the top ten, run it for a week and the winners will be revealed.


  1. Do I have to sign up for Stashbusting September to enter the contest?  Yes
  2. What if I slip and buy something, can I still enter? We all make mistakes, slip, run into a once and a lifetime sale that just can't be passed up. I hope you don't slip, but if you do all will be forgiven and you can still link up. 
  3. Can judges vote for themselves?  No
  4. Can I enter more than one stashbusting project? Please enter as many projects as you want.
  5. What if I shop twice? Then it is really not a month of stashbusting is it?
  6. What if I have to shop for my job? It's your job that is cool just don't grab and extra zipper.
Hope that answers your question. Look out for  the Stach Bust page soon.