Scrap Fabric to Fabric Flower Headband

Stashbusting September is almost here!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Stashbusters save the day!  I can't wait .. so in preparation for the real stash bust I have been racking my brains with ways to use the hundreds um thousands of pieces of crafting paraphanalia that I own.  So today I started small.. you know just some pieces of scrap fabric to make my daughter a sweet little flowered headband
because you don't have to go BIG to use your stash.. you just need a little creativity!
So here is how you can make one for you or someone you love.
scrap fabric
stiffy fabric stiffener
Take your fabric and cut into into a looong strip, long enough to cover the outside of the headband.  I glued one end to the bottom and then wound it all the way around and glued to opposite end so it looked like this:
I made a little rose for the top of the headband by cutting fabric into a circle.
Then I cut it around and added some little curves to the outside.
Then I put it into my stiffy and rolled in into a rose.   Once it was dry I was able to bend the petals into the shape I wanted.
Then I cut some green fabric into little leaves and dipped them into my stiffy.
Then I pinched the bottoms and folded the top just a bit to give them the shape of real leaves.
Next I glued the flower and leaves to a small rectangle of the headband fabric.
Then I glued that piece onto the headband.
And gave it to my favorite girl to model!
You can also stop by and visit me HERE to see how I made this stashbusted project!