Columbus Zoo

The world tour of Zoos continues.

While the hubster was working in Columbus the kids and I hit the Zoo.

Now trying to get a lovely family picture of the three of us turned into quite the challenge, but I tried, and tried, and this is what I got...

Don't they look ecstatic to be there?

The best part of the zoo was getting to see two of these lovely ladies.

They put on quite the show during feeding time.

But hey we couldn't hang out with the Polar Bears forever.

We were at the Largest Zoo in the United States.

And climbing on statues could not wait.

We had reptile houses to visit. C1 is a HUGE fan of snakes and aske me if we could buy one for her bedroom (we will ask daddy, in about ten years).

We had Penguins to check out, and pictures to take.

But alas it was time to go, and C2 was getting tired.

So until next zoo, have a happy Tuesday.