Did I SCARE you?
I Love, LOve, LOVE Halloween.. but I am a decorating procrastinator.. so here we are about 5 days away from Halloween and I am still putting together little odds and ends to decorate with.
Today I made a super fun Halloween frame sign using some frames I found on clearance for $2 a piece at Christmas tree shops.
First I started by painting my frames black (the gray I left distressed as the gray matched).
Then I cut some scrapbook paper to fit in the frame.
Next I used my Cricut to cut the word "Boo"
Last I glued it all together and displayed it on my dining room side table.
But of course.. I thought they were a bit too plain so I added a little more to the frames.
They are kind of hard to see .. so here is a quick closeup!

Cheap and easy.. my kind of decoration!
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Hope you are making lots of Bootiful decorations!