Crafting Blah to Crafting Yeah!

I have been crazy busy planning a Night At The Races for Phoebe and Holden’s Early Childhood PTA (Yes they do exist and it is a fabulous way to meet new mommy friends whether you are a SAHM or Working Momma). So the fundraiser was a fabulous success, money was made, people were fed, and drinks flowed.

Hubster eating food donated by the Umami Moto Food Truck
The whole planning of this event pretty much took everything I had out of me. I have been low energy lately, dealing with some random medical issues, bouts of depression, and general momming duties. Crafting has been on the back burner. I didn’t want to stop, but I had no time.

The Fundraiser was a HUGE succes!

It has been so crazy that I just stopped making things. I stopped doing crafting shows, and I stopped being the crafty momma I know I can be.

Taking a break has been relaxing, but darn it I am itching to start making things again. I want to get my craft time in, and I want to just randomly craft things for the kidlets whenever I feel like it.

Now that I have the desire, and a lot more free time on my hands you would think I would have whipped up three or four tee shirt dresses already, restocked my ETSY shop, and made a few gifts for my daughters friends. Nope I have done nothing this week, absolutely nothing. I haven’t even updated the blog.

So now I am back, raring to go, and hoping that next week will be my week. The return of crafting Robin. Watch out world, the crafty momma is back and boy does she have a lot of Christmas gifts to start sewing.