Monday Madness: The Great Job Search

I left my job in Media Adverstising four years ago to become a full time mom. I have loved every minute of it.

That being said, like the rest of America, I find myself currently looking for a job and it sucks.

I need something part-time, preferably seasonal, and a pay rate that is unrealistic.

I now find myself filling out these applications online for part time seasonal employment that take an hour to complete and ask the random questions such as, what percent of politicians do you feel are honest and the old standard: Are you a self-starter or slacker?

The job search process has changed so much since I have been "out of work," and I am not sure it really takes into account the hard-core effort it takes to make sure a living, breathing person stays clothed and fed. I mean momming is a hard core job, and I just don't see a place for it on my online job applications? When they ask for references I should totally be able to use the fact that my children are alive and smell quite nice as a reference. It is not an easy task.

So will I find a job this holiday season? Who the heck knows, but I will keep you all updated because I know my readers are going to lose sleep over this whole ordeal.  Actually, you won't, but I would say the job search is definitely qualifying me for a Monday madness mood.