Monday Madness: Rainbow Party Ideas

For Phoebe's fifth birthday she wants a rainbow butterfly party.

I have been using Pintreset to gathers some fabulous ideas and here are a few of my faves:

Source: Craftily Ever After via Julianna 'Brown' Mortensen on Pinterest 
I really love the multicolored pom-poms hanging from the ceiling. We are having Phoebe's party at a craft store so she and her girlfriends can make Princess bracelets and boxes so the decorations will be at a minimum. I will however have a yummy treat.

I am thinking...

Source: Whisk Kid via Bri Martelli on Pinterest 
I think I can make this cake, but darn it how much butter do you think I am going to need for all of that butter cream frosting. I mean seriously that is a lot of frosting.

So finally a wonderful montage of party ideas from homemade by jill:

Source: homemade by jill via Harri H on Pinterest 
I am hoping to come up with some more fabulous ideas and let you know as I go. I wanted to have awesome homemade party invitations, but her birthday is November 5th and the party came up a little sooner then my creativity allowed for.

So do you have any great rainbow birthday party ideas to share, something I should try? Talk to me.