T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial

It's tutorial time!

If you have a lot of t-shirts or t-shirt scraps lying around and an hour or two you can whip up this t-shirt scarf in time for the cold weather (yeah i don't want to think about it, but it is Cleveland).

Start by making a pattern for your t-shirt scarf:

I used an old cardboard box and cut it six inches by eight inches. I estimated I would need 20 pieces this size to complete my scarf.

I think cutting out all 20 pieces was the hardest part. I stacked them out in the order I wanted to sew them. You can't tell here, but they are in two piles of ten.

Now to break out the ever so frightening serger. I am constantly living in fear that a thread will break and I will have to re-thread the whole thing again.

Start serging your first pile of ten pieces together. You will serge along the 8 inch side.

It is starting to look good like a scarf now, don't you think?

Keep going....You can do this. The whole thing took a lot longer then I thought it would, but I also had a two and four year old running around.

When you are finished you will have two ragged looking t-shirt scarf pieces. Turn them serged side out and sew up 3 of the 4 sides.

Turn the scarf inside out and slightly fold the un-hemmed portion in about 1/4 of an inch and press with an iron. Sew with a straight stich in a complementary color.

Now rock your scarf. Heck it doesn't need to be winter, wear it with a plain shirt, wear it with a coat, wear it whenever the heck you want. 

I do recommend wearing clothes. My model, Madge, isn't exactly a modest girl, but that's what we love about her.

Tips: Try on the scarf and if you think it is too short you can add more pieces before sewing your 2 unfinished scaves together to make your t-shirt scarf.