Book Purse Tutorial and Giveaway!

The Pink Bat Girl here today to save the world from boring old purses and bad reads!  I am sure that you lovely ladies have all seen the lovely book purses..

well today I am here to show you how to diy your own!  And then I will tell you how you can enter my giveaway to win this one!
So here are your

Old Book
Fancy Fabric
Premade purse handles
Spray paint (if necessary)
Utility knife
craft glue
Handy Dandy Sewing Machine

 First start by cutting out the pages to your book leaving only the cover behind.
Next measure the inside of the book while it is standing starting around the outside and going across the open edge.
Fold the paper in half and cut.
Trace four of each triangle adding a 1/2 inch to each side on your fabric and cut.

Then put the triangles right sides together and stitch up the tallest side of two triangles. 
Stitch all of the other two triangles together and put aside.
Next put the unfinished triangles on the fabric and cut the whole shape.  Then pin right sides together and sew along all four sides keeping a small hole in the bottom to turn right side out.
When these are done make four strips to hold your purse handles in place.
Next measure the outside of your book on the fabric adding 1 inch to the outside. 
Then measure the cut fabric to the inside of the book and iron the edges to the inside to make a lining for the purse.
Now it's time to glue! 
Get your glue and glue the fabric strips to the inside of the book with the purse handles on each side looped around.
Next glue the triangles to the inside of each side of the book.
When this has dried a bit glue the first side of the interior of the fabric to the inside cover.
Glue the other two triangles with snaps to the middle of the inside covers on both sides.
When this had dried a bit close the book and glue the rest of the triangle to the inside then glue in the rest of the liner.
When it is complete the inside should look like this.

Add some extra embellishments if you feel like it or if not leave it alone!
Now if you want to win this one..
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