Upcycled Window for Father's Day

Awhile back my neighbor had an old window that she was getting rid of. 
Of course I took it home and turned it into a picture frame for my mantle.

This is what it looked like for Valentine's Day..

so I figured it needed a change! 
With Father's Day coming up I thought that it would make a perfect decoration for my Father's Day mantle.
So here is how I made it!

Old window
Scrapbook paper
Glue Stick

Start with your cleaned window.  Then use your cricut to cut out the word DAD and three rectangles on the cricut.

Then glue pictures into the spaces in the letters.

Next glue your words and pictures onto the window with your glue stick.

Once this was done.. I thought that it could a little something extra.. so I made a pennant banner with the cricut using triangles and the words "WE LOVE"

And viola!  A perfect decoration for Father's Day!

Hope you have a Happy Father's Day with all of the super special Daddies in your life this weekend!