Saturdays in Ohio

I love living in Cleveland.  I mean there is just so much to do.

First up a favorite activity. Meet the Trucks in Lakewood.

This picture is actually of the Coast Guard boat, but there were plenty of trucks on hand.

Also on hand was the Cleveland Metroparks Eco-Explorers truck. The kids got to make butterfly bombs. They mixed a ton of native wildflower seeds with organic dirt and when they got home they "bombed" the yard with them. Fingers crossed they grow and the butterflies land in our yard!

We of course met the firetrucks! Or firefighter as C2 calls them.

C1 got in on the action too.

They got to "drive" the street sweeper.

Well C2 did anyway.

 Then we stopped at the Westside Market. It was the first weekend of the Open Air Market. I love the vendor in the Airstream. I want an Airstream so darn bad.

The good news is that the Hubster was talking to the vendor Elton and he was totally on board. He even liked the idea of running a store out of the Airstream. We won't be doing it anytime soon, but....A girl can dream.

We finished off the day with a "naked" burrito from Ohio City burrito and some fresh Horchata!

I love me some Cleveland!