Upcycled Organizers!

Amie, here again for a quick visit!
If you ever met me in REAL life.. you would realize that on the surface I appear to be organzied and together.. however, deep down on the inside I am a total disorganized mess right down to my core!
So I decided that my a great place to start in my house would be the kitchen counter which  needed some help..  Um.. lots of help.. So here is where we started:
Uggggh!  Right?
And once it was all reorganized it looked like this!
Ahhh sooo much better!
But my organizer was BORING!  Right?
Not to mention the fact that they DON'T match the kitchen.  So here is what I did to take them from kitchen crappy to kitchen HAPPY!

From this ..

To this.. but it was too plain.. sooo I added a little more!

And then to complete the look and add that girly element..

And then the crappy coffee can pencil holder became this!

And then this!
So here is the completed set!

Fancy, right?  Not to mention neat and organized.
The whole project cost me.. nothing, nada, zero, zilch!  I either had the items on hand or they were given to me.  Hooray! 
Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for spending some time with me today~