Slow Running

I started the Couch to 5 K(or C25K) program back in November. Basically it takes non-runners like me and turns them into runners.

This little nine week program ended up taking me six months (hey I have kids, a crafting business, and well kids they get sick with pneumonia, bronchitis, and all sorts of ailments that leave a momma stuck inside.)

Now the thing is I am am not fast. I am so not fast that walkers have been known to pass me up on the track (sadly, this just happened on Wednesday).

I completed the program and I would like to say I rocked my first 5K, but I actually ended up coming in fifth from the end of the pack.  I was so slow that they took down the street signs, police were let go and I actually didn't have the same luxury of running toward the finish line across the main street in town with police escort (note to race organizer that is just rude!). Nope I was stopped at the light, pressing the button, panicking that the finish line would be packed up by the time I ended the race.

My time: 45 minutes. I have to say that is the time I was going for when I signed up so I was happy with it and heck it would have been 44 minutes if I didn't wait at the light.

The C25K program is great, but there are a few simple truths it doesn't share (well at least the Iphone app doesn't share) that I wanted to let you all in on when running your first 5k:
  • Whether you are in first place for your age group (like my friend that I ran the race with) or last place (like myself) if you finish you rock!
  • Running outside is not like running on an indoor track or treadmill. Practice it because if you don't you will be sucking in wind and wondering why the heck you can not breathe.
  • When you sign up for a race if you are slow make sure it is a walk/run race. If it is a pure running race and you are not sure of yourself you might want to skip it, or double check last years race results online. If I see someone came in at 49 minutes or more as their finish time I feel safe. I mean I know that chances are there are a few walkers in the mix.
  • It is okay to take you Ipod with you. Who knew.
  • To quote John Bingham (The Penguin) "The miracle isn't that I finished it is that I had the courage to start"
So having finished my first running 5K a month ago and preparing for another one this Sunday (after having to take a total of three weeks off for kids with stomach issues and a sprained hip) I am ready to rock the back of the pack yet again. This time I will do it with pride. I will be a slow runner, but hey after years of dreaming of running I will be a runner. I have walked three half marathons and two 5K's but now I am running them (the 5K's not the half marathons (at least not yet).)

Not a running picture but lets pretend!

I am a runner.