Where Do You Sell Your Crafty Goodness?

It's hard being a blogger, a momma, and trying to get your crafty business of the ground. So I wanted to know where do you sell your crafty goodness?

I sell at one store currently:

Crafty Goodness in Cleveland Ohio
I would sell at more stores but I never seem to get around to making enough product to shop around. I know I am a slacker.

I do have an ETSY site : http://www.etsy.com/shop/tshirtdiaries but I haven't gotten any products put up.  I am just not happy with my pictures so I don't list, which means I don't sell, and well I really don't have a store then do I.

I am a regular at a lot of craft shows.

But I have to say by the time I get a babysitter and pay the entrance into the event it's really hit or miss as to what profit if any I make.

So what are your suggestions. How do you sell your crafts, what is your favorite method, are you a craft show groupie or shopping your wares at local co-op stores? Do you use and sell via ETSY, or just kind of take orders from friends.

I want to hear your voice and what you do. Maybe talking about this can help us get better at our crafy businesses?