Running Accomplishments: LULA 5K

As I sit here with my feet elevated in some serious pain from cortisone shots in my metatarsals (darn kids) I am reflecting on this weekends accomplishments. Namely, the LULA 5K!

Hubsters waiting about twenty minutes for me to finish.

LULA is short for Lacing up for a Lifetime of Acheivement and is the second annual race put on by an organization called Girls with Sole! The orgainzations mission statement is simple (from their website:

Use fitness and wellness to empower 
the minds, bodies and souls of girls 
who have experienced abuse of any kind, or who are at-risk

It is just the kind of thing that inspires me. I know I am slow but I can run this race for these amazing girls that the founder Liz Ferro is helping.

So how did I do?

Mo, Robin, and Emily Pre-Race (with a guest appearance by Emily's three kids)
I rocked it! I finished a little over 43 minutes, ran the entire first mile before I had to go into my run/walk grove. I actually finished 286 out of 368 which is a lot better than the 5th last place title.

How did the hubster and friends do? My husband completed his first 5K in 25 minutes (that after having 5 or six beers the night before). My friend Emily did the Cleveland Marathon a few weeks ago and she finished a little over 25 minutes and Mo ran her first 5K in twenty years finishing in 29 minutes.

I am so proud of everyone! We rocked it!

Yeah we are girls with Sole!

 Now it's time to get back to crafting.