Don't Stress - You Are Awesome

Busting Some Stash with JC
Right now we have 68 bloggers taking the Stashbusting September challenge. I am honestly floored because, well it is a pretty hard challenge to take. A crafter not buying crafts for an entire month? Ouch that hurts.

So I am here to say to everyone that if you slip, if that evil temptress known as JoAnn or that evil boy known as Micheal just does not stop calling your name until in a mad frenzy you run in and buy a spool of aubergine thread that you will not use any time soon, you are still awesome.

I am so very proud of every single awesome crafter that is participating.  I could just give you all a HUGE internet hug right now. You will not be perfect at this challenge (props to you if you are), but you will be a heck of a lot better than last month!

If you have "crafters block" check out all of the amazing stashbusting September ideas over on HERE. Hopefully you will see something that will scream your name.

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