The Last Day of Stashbusting September

Can you believe it? Stashbusting September is almost over and today is your last chance to link up your Stashbusting efforts.

In case you forgot everything can be linked up:

Our judges will each present their top three choices and I will round things up to make it a top ten.

You, the fabulous audience, will be able to vote and the top three crafts will recieve fabulous prizes mailed out from Terracycle!

So what did you think about Stashbusting September. Should we do it again? Did you obstain? Did you have fun?

Here are a few things I learned:

  • It is not wise to sign up for a cake decorating class at JoAnn fabrics during a stashbusting challenge. I mean I learned to make some great cakes, but it is just cruel and painful to have to go into that store and not buy anything.
Cake Rules!

  • I do not need to go to Goodwill every Sunday to scoop up the newest dollar deals. I only went to goodwill once this month and it was to drop things off. I am going to try to keep away from Goodwill until more of my crafting stash is busted!
  •  I am truly blessed to have everything I have. Shopping will not make my life better, just messier.
  • Blogging takes a lot more time then I ever thought. I was able to get a lot of stash cleaning this month, but crafting, not so much. On a positive note I have had a great time keeping up with Stashbusting September. Checking out and becoming addicted to all of your awesome blogs!
  • Life is much better when you get organized. If nothing else I am much more organized now that I have gone through my stash, took note of what I had, and got rid of what I didn't need. I can safely say I am no longer one bag away from being on Hoarders!
Well thanks everyone! You guys have been wonderful this month. I would love to see your comments on what you have learned this month, will you continue stashbusting, and how has not buying improved your crafting life.

Talk to me. I read all comments!

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