Stash Busting Idea #2

I have a ton of scrapbook paper from the days when I thought I was going to make a million scrapbooks of my beautiful little butter beans. Little did I know when the kids were born the scrap-booking time disappeared and the paper continued to pile up. 

If you have alots of scrapbook paper and want to know what to do with it Christin & Co. (because she is never alone, get it...LOL) has posted this great tutorial for her Jar of Fluff turned Pencil Holder.

Check it out 

I will continue to post up great stashbusting lSeptember tutorial links on the blog as the contest progresses.

I wish I could link every single amazing project but then my two kids would probably never get to eat because I would be on the computer all day.

As I stated if you want to write a guest blog post email me at to let me know and I will make sure to get your post in this month.

Thank you,

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