Stashbusting Confessions

If you ever wondered why anyone would start a Stashbusting September month look no further than the various corners of my basement.

I am fortunate enough to have a finished basement, but I think my "stash" is eating it. I mean I don't even know what all I have there is so much stuff I need to conquer.

Here are a few, very embarrassing, pictures.

Laundry Room
Ouch do you see what I have done?

More of the Laundry Room
I can not pass up a good bargain, free is even better, and I just never say no.

My husband built this for the kids, not for me.
It's like I have totally taken over. I am supposed to sew a cushion for this, but there is so much stuff. Yuck.

I feel totally naked now. You all know my secret hoarding problem. You also no I need help! I highly encourage you to photograph your stash (and publish it on your blog if you are feeling so bold). so you will have a record of what you are working with and how much you have accomplished. 

Now get to work! That is what I am off to do now!
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