Stash Busting Idea #7

You know that bag, scrapbook, blanket, toy, etc. you started to make when your child was just born. You lovingly picked out the design, fabrics, and everything else. Well we all know what happens....

As psyched up as you were to take on this beautiful handmade project for your new bundle of joy, that very bundle of joy takes up so much of your time and energy.
Pretty soon crafting is something that is just not a top, or even middle priority. 

Thank you for being honest with us Lu over at just Lu. Your Year long diaper bag is amazing, and yes I know why it took you a year to complete.

Love it! And we know that if we try it with our fabrics that are in our stash it will not take a year ;) unless of course we have another baby.

So go check out what Just Lu did to make this bag rock....

on another note how is stash busting going for you? Have you put a dent in your stockpile of fabrics. 
I have to say that while I have not put a HUGE dent in my stash I have put a huge dent in the wonderful world of setting up my craft shop. I can not wait to show off pictures of what my hubby and I have put together.

So leave a comment below, let me know how Stashbusting September is going for you.

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