Friday's To-Do List

You know you have one to. Come on get crazy I will tell you mine if you tell me yours. What is one thing you want to do this weekend?

My to do list is quite large and includes:

  • Setting up my ETSY shop (I have been meaning to do this for how many months?)
  • Getting my workstation in working order
  • Getting all of my crafts done for my upcoming craft shows
  • Getting my clothes ready to sell in upcoming kids sales
  • Build a canopy for my daughters bedroom
  • Bust some stash
  • Put pictures on my blog from our rasberry picking trip
  • Make myself a few shirts
  • Screen print with freezer paper on a few shirts for my son
  • Work on some upcycled T-shirt skirts
  • Make a new bag design from T-shirts
  • Last but not least think about painting my bedroom
So come on tell me what is on your To-Do list!

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