From Burma

As most of you know we have a family of Burmese refugees coming tomorrow to live in my old house.

I am taking a tiny little bloggy break to help get things set up. I have collected more toys for the kids and clothes than I think my own children have. I have been so fortunate to have wonderful friends who are bringing them clothes, blankets, toiletries, toys, and shoes.

There are seven people who will be living in my "single girl" home. It is a three bedroom single family home that I owned pre-husband. One that I feel so guilty thinking was to small for my family of four. It is amazing the things that we take for granted, like a home, the safety of our family, and the ability to do things such as shop at Goodwill to bargain hunt when we want to.

Here is a great link for everyone to check out about the Karen people in Burma and one refugees story about arriving in America.

Thank you so much for your understanding and I will see you all on Monday!

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